Indian Head Massage

NTP Thai Spa Massage-Thai Head MassageOur Indian Head Massage is an emotionally uplifting treatment that concentrates on relieving upper body tension. We begin with an invigorating scalp massage that boosts circulation around the scalp, with strokes becoming softer and slower. This is followed by a soothing neck, shoulder and upper back massage to break down any remaining tension and release toxins.

Key Benefits:

Relaxing and uplifting
Calms clears and composes the mind
Decongests, reduces eye strain and increases concentration
Relieves tired and aching upper body muscles

30 minutes – £30.00; 45 minutes – £40.00; 60 minutes – £50.00; 75 minutes – £60.00; 90 minutes – £70.00; 120 minutes – £100.00